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Unverified: #16: Stamp me up!

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Not much has to be said about these except that they’re really unique stamps created with the blizzard art. They were published in some place in Russia…Actually, at the time of these “news”, some guy is selling them on eBay still. If you’re interested, here’s the link: So if you’re interested, pick yourself some up. They’re really neat.

Oh, here’s a picture of mine , although the picture on the eBay link is probably scanned, so it’s 100x better!.

Verified: #15: A huge mouse trap

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I noticed that I get a ton of views (yet no comments) from the funny titles, so from now on, I’m using funny titles. So, can you guess what I got in store without looking at the picture or anything else? 99% of you probably already looked at the picture. Yeah, it’s a mouse pad, not a mouse trap…But this freaking mouse pad is big enough to be a mouse trap, that’s for sure. It’s about 2-3x the size of my normal mousepad, so my guess is it’s made for a godly computer, lol. So yeah, here’s the pic:

Verified: #14: Time to play some R.I.P. poker!!

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haha, lame joke, whatever. So this year, Diablo released a poker set – and of course I am one of those lucky bunches that purchased it. You rarely get to see the back side of the poker set on the internet, so I decided to make sure I got a picture of both sides. And…here THEY ARE!


“Uhhh, William. I zoomed in on the back side of it and noticed some wierd mark on it! What’s that?!”

Well, turns out that Blizzard wanted to take a month to ship it to me because they liked the idea of leaving some dent or something in the back. I’m not quite sure what kind of dent it is, cardboard or what – so I’m not touching it. I don’t want it to get worse. So yeah, instead of this being “Mint” condition, it’s only “Near Mint” …What a R.I.P.! :[


Verified: #13: Witch Doctor T-shirt

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So, you saw one shirt, now to see my other one! And no, I haven’t purchased the Special Edition Diablo III shirt (yet). Although, I do wish I had the other two original Diablo II t-shirts (Mephisto and Lord of Destruction). Oh well, I’ll find them…some day, I hope! The pictures are put the same way as the Scrojo, except the plastic is more annoying on this t-shirt so it’s harder to see the picture. You have to look carefully.

Verified: #12: Scrojo T-Shirt

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Why they called it “Scrojo” I don’t know…I have never heard of that word before and do not remember the “Butcher” being called “scrojo” but whatever. So this is one of the limited edition T-shirts that Blizzard had up for sale at the blizzstore for blizzcon. I haven’t taken it out of its plastic package – instead I took a picture of both sides so you can at least make up to see what the shirt looks like!

Verified: #11: Blizzcon Pins

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So I guess along with a few things that Blizzard put up with their goody bags a couple of years ago, they also had a set of pins for all three game franchises and blizzcon itself. The only reason I got it was because of the beautiful Diablo pin, of course. It is very tempting to take the pin off, keep it, and toss the rest…But it might lose its value and…well, I’m a collector, any more information necessary?

Here’s the picturrrrres!

Verified: #10: Squeeze my balls…My stress balls!

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I wonder how many peoples’ attention I got from that post title? Anyway, Blizzard originally made the stress balls before for Diablo III but decided to sell them again for Blizzcon 2010. Luckily, for me, I got a hold of each one. They’re both still in their packages, as you can see, and have never been opened. I should have bought an extra one for when I become stressed over all the homework and programming I have to do (yet the programming is so fun at the same time!!).