Verified: #01: To start things off…

Ok, so my first post with one (actually 3) of my items in my collection.

Here they are! Click them to view a larger and better view. My girlfriend is going to kill me for the horrible picture (She’s a photographer)…She’ll probably redo it for me when she see’s this, lol.

In order from left to right: The Corrupt Rogue, Baal’s Minion of Destruction, and The Nefarious Necromancer. Here’s individual pictures for all three (again, click to view larger size):

I originally ordered the necromancer by itself from some guy in England. For some unintelligent reason, he sent me the thing in an envelope instead of a safe box. So the thing got totally bent up, the bubble was damaged like hell, and yeah…So I told him I want my money back for the damage. I shipped it back and got a full refund. So from then on, I decided that every time I ask for something from someone, no matter where they are, I will ask for *SAFE* shipping of the product. I don’t want damaged items in the mail!!

Anyway, as you can see from these three figures, they are not in pristine condition. I bought them from some guy in Italy which shipped them 100x better than the last guy. There is one or two bends total and the bubble on Baal’s minion is barely dis-attached at the bottom (no you can’t see it in the picture!). But other than those few minor (and irritating) condition marks, they’re really well and I’m happy to know that the seller didn’t go throwing them away or putting them in a damp basement for the water to eat at the cardboard.

Tomorrow, I will show more of my collection, so stay tuned!!

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