Verified: #02: More action figures!

So, there were three more action figures released for Diablo II, I guess you could say “Series two”. The following picture is of the three action figures (I’m not going to have separate ones for each one this time).

From left to right, the Barbarian, The unraveler, and Diablo. All three are in good condition, but what bothers me most is the Diablo figure. I absolutely love the fact the price tag was left on the figure, but it appears that the store had also ripped the old one off, leaving a tear mark on the cardboard. That REALLY sucks! also, you can see clearly in the picture, the barbarian has a minor bend at the top. And lastly, the unraveler has some minor bubble problems in the upper left corner (you can’t really see it). Other than that, they’re pretty much in the same condition as the first three (series one). What’s really frustrating: I bought all three of these at once from some guy on eBay, who shipped them great. Guess what happen the following day…Some one else was selling the exact same three on eBay but with them being SIGNED by the creators themselves! Not only that, but they were the same price for buy it now!! I had no room to place them anywhere (I’m running out of room from my huge collection) and also not enough money to go buying another three. So I just let them go for another huge Diablo collector. Maybe some day I can get the same thing?

One Response to “Verified: #02: More action figures!”

  1. Heh, I collect all Blizzard action figures (including Starcraft and Warcraft, in addition to Diablo of course), and all my action figures and packages are in mint or near mint with just one exception: the Diablo II Barbarian. For some reason, the sword was loose in the box, and it didn’t look good hanging on my wall with the sword at the Barbarian’s feet, so I attempted to carefully open the package without damaging it so I could get the sword mounted properly in the slot in front of the package. The way the packaging was designed though, it’s pretty much impossible to open it without damaging it, so yeah, now my package is slightly damaged.

    Oh well, the way I look at it, he’s a Barbarian, so he’s got to have battle scars, right? =)

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