Verified: #09: Sinamints

In case you are wondering, yes I did spell that correctly! Sin instead of Cin! These things came in a goody bag that was for Blizzcon 2008 (I believe it was ’08). I haven’t opened mine, so there’s no telling what they taste like or even look like. Maybe if I ever have the extra money, I’ll buy another one and open it to find out! But for now, I think this one looks tons better being sealed. 🙂

3 Responses to “Verified: #09: Sinamints”

  1. The mints were awful. I assume they were some commercial brand, but they tasted like plastic. I dumped them after eating 2 or 3 in the press room that year. The tin is very nice, though. I use it to hold paperclips and thumbtacks and stuff.

    • lol, I wondered what they tasted like – but I didn’t open them to find out. Now that I know they taste bad, I may be less tempted to get another one just to try them out 😛

  2. okiimatsu Says:

    Awful? Hardly. They’re very good, I couldn’t stop eating them.

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