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Verified: #29: Christmas Magazine #2 (Computer Gaming June, 2000)

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I sent an email to you, Flux, for the awesome traffic pull-in that I’m getting (and thanks to fmulder for providing flux with my blog!). I went and saw the update on your site and was like “AWESOME!” Thanks a lot and I truly appreciate it!! And to that comment about never looking at the things and only leaving them in their containers…I do have interest in them :P. Hence why I would like to buy an extra copy of some of the things, such as the magazines or DnD books. I love the lore and history to Diablo and know much about it. I guess you can just say that I’m like one of those crazy Star Wars or Star Trek geeks…Get so caught up in the history, lore, and stuff that you just kind of move on with collecting it all. But it doesn’t seem to have happened to you with your knowledge of Diablo…lucky 😛

Now, I normally don’t post on Friday’s or Saturday’s (because I have to work all day…like I have to leave this house in about an hour and half) but because it seems today is my lucky day, due to Flux, I’m going to post today! woo! But probably not tomorrow…Boo!

The second magazine I got on Christmas is the one from Computer Gaming, dated for June, 2000. This is actually one of my favorite magazines just because of how it looks…The cool lightning effect, the weird looking “tainted” in the corner…Yeah it’s cool. This one doesn’t have the address label on it, but it is still in great condition. Plus, it has “obi-wan” in the corner. Maybe there should be a showdown for obi-wan vs. the sorceress. That would be an interesting sight!

Verified: #28: Christmas Magazine #1! (Computer Games, July 1999)

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So it’s time to post up my Christmas gifts this year. I knew I’d get more magazines! I was supposed to get 1 more, but it got lost in the mail or something. It’s really too bad, too…I’ll just have to put up a search for it. 🙂

So, I’m going to go in order from the dates of the magazines I got. The first one of the ones I got was back in 1999, July (read the title, right?).

It still has the original address label on it, hence the big black box. I know there are spammers and such that come along in this blog so I don’t want any bad people getting that address (I don’t know if it’s still an active address, but who wants to risk it, right?). He should be very happy that I’m being nice enough to block it, lol.

There are two posters for Diablo that were released in certain magazines, although I do not know which ones…And I’m not bound to go opening these up and searching through them just to find out. If I do buy an extra copy of each one, I will, but yeah…So if anyone knows which magazines did have these posters, comment away. One was of a barbarian (old artwork) and the other was of Andarial.

Verified: #27: Mini Monsters! Gotta catch ’em all!!!!

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If you thought that the Dungeons and Dragons part of the Diablo world was only in books…You’re wrong! They also had a board game set along with miniatures. If you don’t know about miniatures, D&D has thousands, if not millions, of different kinds of miniatures. Diablo II just happens to be another one of those that had miniatures made. I am still searching for the heroes box (oh no I just told you I don’t got that!)…I found a few on eBay, but lost the bids to people who sniped 19 times because they were too stupid to have a stuck price. It’s ridiculous how some people just can’t limit their budget. Anyway, here’s my brand new sealed monsters box set (for all of you stupid snipers, it’s only worth ~$30, not the $100 I’ve seen some of you pay off for it…The monsters, not the heroes):

Verified: #26: The Awakening

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Now for the third book for the dungeons and dragons set (well, physical book).This is the picture of the front and back, as you didn’t get to see the back of the last two. :]


Verified: #25: To Hell and Back (But not on Christmas Day)

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I really don’t feel like taking a picture of this, so I’ll just show you a picture from the Internets, lol. The current one I have now is for reading purposes, and I’ll get a “near mint” one later to collect.  Notice anything about this cover and the last D&D book I have on the collection news? Try putting them together =O

Verified: #24: Diablerie (typo?)

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Nah, I doubt it was a typo…

Anyway, They released a neat Dungeons and Dragons series for Diablo and I have two copies of the Diablerie (one to read, one to collect). I haven’t gotten to reading it yet, as I have LITTLE time to do anything…Hence why I rarely get on here to post more of my collection. It may be awhile before you see another item on here. I have a few more items that I want to show off, but I haven’t had pictures of them yet and finding the time to do even that is hard, lol. Here’s a picture,and I shall be getting ready for work!

Unverified: #23: Diablo II Pin

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Ok, so you’re probably all tired of seeing pins…But I guess it’s just something Blizzard loves to do, yeah? I’m not sure as to when these were produced nor do I know if they were for a blizzcon or not…But it’s still pretty cool. It’s really small too! I’m talking the size 2finger nails (I didn’t know what else to compare it to, lol)!

Although labeled as Unverified, it still has a copyright on the back by Blizzard. But anyone can paste that on there, so if anyone knows about this, let me know!