Verified: #20: Diablo Book 1 – Legacy of Blood

I actually have all eight books made for the world of Sanctuary, and yes I have read them all (how else would I know all that lore?). But I am not going to show each individual book unless they are equivalent to this one. “Oh, but what do you mean?” Well here’s what…Just check out the pictures and see for yourself!

Yup…I got the book with Richard A. Knaak’s autograph. I have also exchanged emails with him (which is actually how I got the signature in the first place) and he’s a really nice guy. Of course, it’s not possible to get him to give me a secret or two on the world of Sanctuary (probably contracts and all that good stuff)…But hey, I don’t blame him. This book is in mint condition and is currently stored in an “archival box” wrapped in archival tissue. Basically the stuff prevents this book from ever wearing out, so it doesn’t get rigged from high humidity, doesn’t somehow rip, or discolor from age, etc. I have three boxes (each able to hold two books) read to go for more books. Yup, I’m going to bug him for some more signed books in the future, lol.

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