Verified: #27: Mini Monsters! Gotta catch ’em all!!!!

If you thought that the Dungeons and Dragons part of the Diablo world was only in books…You’re wrong! They also had a board game set along with miniatures. If you don’t know about miniatures, D&D has thousands, if not millions, of different kinds of miniatures. Diablo II just happens to be another one of those that had miniatures made. I am still searching for the heroes box (oh no I just told you I don’t got that!)…I found a few on eBay, but lost the bids to people who sniped 19 times because they were too stupid to have a stuck price. It’s ridiculous how some people just can’t limit their budget. Anyway, here’s my brand new sealed monsters box set (for all of you stupid snipers, it’s only worth ~$30, not the $100 I’ve seen some of you pay off for it…The monsters, not the heroes):

2 Responses to “Verified: #27: Mini Monsters! Gotta catch ’em all!!!!”

  1. Hey I have the complete box sets of the monsters and heroes. Was wondering what they are worth since I dont see them for auction anymore. I am also looking to sell them because I have no need for them.

    • They are both rare to see in mint factory sealed condition. The heroes set is a bit more expensive then the monsters set.
      I think you can get a 90 dollars for the heroes and 50-60 for the monsters, but that depents on the buyer ofcource.

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