Verified: #28: Christmas Magazine #1! (Computer Games, July 1999)

So it’s time to post up my Christmas gifts this year. I knew I’d get more magazines! I was supposed to get 1 more, but it got lost in the mail or something. It’s really too bad, too…I’ll just have to put up a search for it. 🙂

So, I’m going to go in order from the dates of the magazines I got. The first one of the ones I got was back in 1999, July (read the title, right?).

It still has the original address label on it, hence the big black box. I know there are spammers and such that come along in this blog so I don’t want any bad people getting that address (I don’t know if it’s still an active address, but who wants to risk it, right?). He should be very happy that I’m being nice enough to block it, lol.

There are two posters for Diablo that were released in certain magazines, although I do not know which ones…And I’m not bound to go opening these up and searching through them just to find out. If I do buy an extra copy of each one, I will, but yeah…So if anyone knows which magazines did have these posters, comment away. One was of a barbarian (old artwork) and the other was of Andarial.

One Response to “Verified: #28: Christmas Magazine #1! (Computer Games, July 1999)”

  1. Great collection. Please continue to update your blog 🙂

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