Verified: #30: Christmas Magazine #3 (PC Gamer August, 2000)

Annnd, yup…Another magazine! Oh god how many do I have? Just one more. 🙂 Oh, and couldn’t you guess that it’s a horrible picture? Yup. Maybe some day I’ll fix all the pictures for everyone…So it all looks nicer. That’s a maybe. It’s not like no one can tell what they are, except the cards, lol.

One Response to “Verified: #30: Christmas Magazine #3 (PC Gamer August, 2000)”

  1. Bruno Hidalgo Says:

    Hey, just to let you know, I loved your diablo collection. I’m a huge fan of the series since I was a baby, lol! But now that I can start buying my own things with my own money (yeah, I’m 19 :P) I’ll start my collection too! Please, don’t stop posting in this blog, I’m pretty sure that with the diablo 3 release in may 15, more collectors will start appreciating the Diablo Universe. Keep up the good work!

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