To clear things up….

I noticed a few situations where people were confused about what’s really made by blizzard or from blizzard and such. The artwork for my things were all from Blizzard, yes, but not all of it were really “made” by them. Out of my collection, two of the items (not including the magazines, if they’re not) were not planned by Blizzard for creation, which is why I am going to add a new tag for everything.t

When you see “Verified” on an item, that represents that it’s not something that a fan made for fun…For example, those collectors cards. The company who made them got permission from Blizzard to use their artwork on the cards, but they were not actually made or planned by Blizzard themselves. For items that I’m not sure of, I will still put unverified. Here’s what I’m talking about:


For items created by Blizzard themselves.

For items asked to be created by Blizzard (e.g. JINX t-shirts, Steelseries mousepads) or sold on their online store.

Magazines that have Diablo on their front cover.

Other stuff similar to the above.



Items created by fans that are just really cool.

Items that I have yet to verify if they’re created by Blizzard or asked to be created by Blizzard.


If you’re reading this like right after I put the update, give me time to fix the old posts.

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