Helping Hands #1

So, I decided that instead of posting a part of my collection every single day and then running out of something to do, I will start to post what I want to call, helping hands. So what is Helping Hands?

There are many items that I cannot find whatsoever online (eBay, Amazon, craigslist…you name it) but know exist and can believe that someone out there owns the items but just has them stuffed away in storage for some unknown reason.

So what I am going to do is do two days of posting items that I am looking for. For example, I will be posting one of the items on my list in this post to what I’m looking for, tomorrow post another item, and then post part of my collection again (and then in that cycle again). My goal is for people to help me find these items, whether it be on an online store or be them actually owning it. At the end of each Helping Hands post, I will leave an email address for people to email to so I can find these items. It will not be my typical email address, because I do not want a crap load of spam to attack me. And as I see that many of you are from the incgamers site, you will recognize some of the items I’m looking for from Flux’s gallery of “ads, merch, misc”…Which is where my first item will be coming from. So yeah. Let’s start this.

For the first of the helping hands, I am looking for the Blizzard Christmas Card of 1999. As quoted from Flux:

“Blizzard North’s official company Xmas card for 1999. Besides the digital version, this one was printed up on heavy card stock, autographed, and mailed out to friends and family and some lucky fansite peoples.”

Obviously this means that I wouldn’t feel like I had a personal copy of it due to it not saying “Dear William…” lol, but hey…It’s an awesome thing to have to the collection, no? For those looking for a picture, either follow this link:


If anyone has more details as to what the entire card looks like (in and out) that’d be great. Thanks!

edit: oh and the email, of course:

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