Verified: #33: The Wanderer T-Shirt

Ok, the moment many have been waiting for! an exclusive Wanderer T-Shirt!! It was made back when Diablo II was released, in case you’re wondering.

That’s my girlfriends blanket, if you’re wondering “wtf?” lol. Anyway, the front of the t-shirt is the blizzard logo while the back is the wanderer. The T-shirt came in a box, but I do not own the box the shirt originally came in. Just to find the shirt itself is an achievement, IMO. So it doesn’t bother me. But if I do get the box…All zi better.

The T-shirt sizes in Extra Large, so no it doesn’t fit me :[…Not that I’d be wearing it, lol. So there you have it, the all amazing thing you’ve been waiting for is only a T-Shirt. Hah! Now, how many of you actually have this? :]

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