Helping Hands #3

Hmmm….Well it looks like my view count has dropped down to its original number of views…Oh well. Maybe it will pick up again in the future? I hope so. :]

So, what do I need help finding now? Yes…Something that most blizzcon attendees have probably thrown away by now and it may be impossible to find it…But it’s worth a check, isn’t it?

I’m going to post all three of these up at once because they’re the same thing, except for different years. I am in search for the blizzcon tickets from 2008-2010 all with the picture of Diablo art on it. Below are the pictures of the tickets (the ones that are not blacked out). In order, they are 08,09,10. I’ll be able to get the 2011 ticket this time, as I’m attending the next blizzcon (and my first one!)…But yeah. Anyone even have these sitting in a drawer somewhere that they totally forgot to look in? I’m not sure if any other tickets throughout the years had Diablo on the front art. If they did, lemme know!

If you have these and are willing to give away (preferred) or sell them to me, email me at

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