Verified: #35: My D2 collector’s edition

I got this from some guy on craigslist a while back. The game is in excellent condition, the thing comes with everything, INCLUDING the original ads, and the only damage can be seen at the top of the box. Unfortunately, it is not unopened (obviously) but that’s ok…It’s still my favorite part of my collection (well, besides the signed book, to be honest). The number on the back is #17,505 – in case you can’t see it in the picture good enough. Enjoy the pictures!

2 Responses to “Verified: #35: My D2 collector’s edition”

  1. Greetings,
    does it have the table top game of d&d and the dice?
    if so, i would like to buy the whole game from you. or at the least , the table top game and dice.
    if you are interested, would email, or give me a call @ (Edited your comment so you don’t get spam phone calls or anything…I don’t think you’d want that)

    Lee Eke

    • I do indeed have the game and dice…It has everything, including the original ads. But, unfortunately, I’m not putting it up for sale. The only way I would sell anything in my collection is if someone would be willing to buy it as a whole…And the value of the collection at that rate isn’t that cheap considering some of the items. I have some links you may be interested in which I’ll e-mail you so it’s not a huge competition against other people to buy them.

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