Verified: #36: Anyone got the time?

I DO! Well, that is “still” time that I have. The watches battery has died from age…I mean, after all, it’s more than 10 years old, lol.

Remember those items I said you can (probably) only find in Germany? Well one of those cool items was a watch. A Diablo II watch, of course. Unfortunately, the guy who shipped it threw it into an envelope without any protection whatsoever. The entire box is in what I would call “good” condition…Pretty close to acceptable. I don’t put it as acceptable only because there are no literal rips on the cardboard and you can still read it (if you know German, anyway). The two pictures are of the front of the box and the back.

As you can see, my photography is (as usual) horrible. The picture on the watch itself is the face of the wanderer…In case you can’t tell.

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