Helping Hands #9

This one I have seen a few times pass by on eBay, but recently…It’s not even shown up. I was hoping some would have it. It’s the Diablo II Heroes Box for the Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a lot rarer than the Monsters box (the one I own), but not impossible to find. I’ve bid on it a couple of times on eBay, but it surpassed my budget (I never go over what my budget is!) so I had to let them go :(. So yeah, here’s a picture of what it looks like:

I want this brand new, sealed…Never open, along with no “problems” such as dents and stuff. I’ve seen more sealed ones than open ones on eBay, so I know someone out there has them. Just email me if you got it.

A friendly note for those looking for the slideshow Diablo Barbarian overthrown for a cheaper price, check it out here:

Unfortunately, I still do not have that kind of money to go throwing around just to get that…Not to mention the immense amount of room those things take. So I figured I’d share the link with the public.

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