Helping Hands #10

I’m even running out of things I am looking for, lol. I’ll bring up some items that Flux mentioned in his post on…Which I didn’t know about before until he mentioned them. Here’s a list of them (I have no pictures to what they look like, so if Flux or someone else who knows could help on that…I’d appreciate it):

  • D2X t-shirt. White, with a Death Mauler monster on the back.
  • D2 stickers. about 2×5 inches, d2 flaming logo. One is on my snowboard.
  • D2 t-shirts. Black. 3 or 4 different ones with various graphics. 1 or 2 were bliz employees only.

I knew about the Diablo 2 deck of cards…In fact, I have picture of the one for Blizzcon – but heard before that there was a set just for Diablo. I don’t have the picture to that, either, though. There’s a guy selling the Blizzcon deck of cards on eBay right now if anyone’s interested. I’m not.. :]


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