Helping Hands #11

So I was contacting this guy through email about some of the cool stuff that he has related to Diablo. But hell, he sure as hell does not know how to price things. I’m looking elsewhere, because I’m not paying the price he’s asking for on this item…What item? What price? The item is a Diablo wristband. I believe it was given out during the Paris convention only in the goodie bags…Or maybe it was one of the regular blizzcons… Anyway, he’s trying to ask for $40 for the wristband. Seriously, who pays $40 for a Diablo wristband? Even if I was absolutely precise and wanted everything perfectly perfect (if you understand what I’m saying) I probably wouldn’t pay $40 for the wristband. Here’s a picture of it (the same one he sent me), and yeah I know it’s a “crappy” picture:

Got it? Wanna sell/give it (for cheaper)?

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