Where did the collector run off to?

Well, to admit it, I’ve been waiting for an item in the mail since Jan. 11th and have yet to receive it to show it off as part of my collection…And to admit it – it’s the last of my collection that I have. Of course, my friend just mailed off a couple of things to me so I should be getting those soon too. So when the time comes, I’ll post up the last 3 things I’ll have in my collection. After those 3, you’ll all have to wait a while. My budget for this month is lower than normal (not because I’m making less, but because I’m saving more), so I won’t be getting too many things this time around. After I get the last 3 items, I’ll also take a picture of my entire collection for all of you. Until then, you must wait for another post. Sorry for not posting anything newer sooner, either!

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