1st Argument: Lvl 60 cap

I decided that this blog needs a little more life than it’s receiving so I’m going to also make the blog a little more on my opinions about the Diablo Universe. I’m also thinking about making it a source for information on the lore and history of Sanctuary. If anyone supports this idea, leave a comment right now saying “I support the first paragraph!” That way I know that many would like to learn more without having to use their lovely time reading the books and every piece of dialogue in the games.

Anyway, my first argument has to regard the level 60 cap we all know about in Diablo 3. I love the idea that it makes us players feel like we’re gaining so much more power every single level – there is no reason to argue with that logic. The problem I have is the lifespan Diablo 3 is going to show compared to its predecessor. Stop and think of what you do when you play Diablo II (Assuming you play since you’re here). The first thing you probably do, or most of you (since I don’t to be honest), is rush your character to the last difficulty in hell as soon as possible. After that, you try and fight off either Baal runs or Chaos runs to level up like nuts. Why? Because, for some damned reason, it’s fun to get your character as high of a level as possible. There is something about Diablo II that makes this replayability extremely high.

Diablo II is well known for its amazing drop system with its thousands of different items plus the unique touch of random attributes on rare and magic items. This also gives it a high replay value because you can fight off MILLIONS of demons before finding that perfect unique item you’ve been desiring so much. Why do you fight them all of just to find it? Because its fun! This is one system that I am happy for Diablo III to keep (assuming they didn’t mess it up). So now we have two things that keep Diablo II living with a high replay value. One being the desire to hit lvl 99 and the other being the desire for the best equipment possible.

What else is there? Well the rest depends on your thoughts in Diablo II. Personally, another reason it has high replaybility for me is because I am totally into the lore and history of Diablo. I’ve read every single book related to Diablo (have all of them, mind you), read all those RPG books made for Diablo, and have listened to the dialogue for both games… God knows how many times. Since I love hearing the lore of Diablo II every time, I tend to take my time slowly through the game. It can take me like two days to get through Act 1 because I’m listening to EVERYTHING, and that means the 10 or so monologues of gossip the citizens of Rogue Encampment have to say. So for me: Lvl up, Magic find, and lore.

Now, tell me the truth: When you play Diablo II, do you really try to make your character lvl 99? Even if you’re not THAT much into it, isn’t there some kind of desire to hit lvl 99? Why? Because the design scheme for Diablo II is absolutely amazing. The talent and thought put into the game is unbelievable and no team can reproduce that except Blizzard. So why are they taking this away from us? Because they think they’re just unnecessary. Yes, those last 15 lvl’s really don’t change the outcome to how strong your character is. But the fact is, they’re still there, and it’s what makes us play Diablo II over and over again. Imagine if you could hit lvl 99 easily in the game. You already know everything there is to know about Diablo II and now your character is lvl 99. Yeah it either sucks or rocks in duels against other players, but other than that, what is there to do? Baal runs? Only if you’re magic finding something. But what if you’re a lvl 99 summon necro? I know some of us can find ways to make it a magic finder, but most of us don’t even do that. Likely, most of us would just…toss the character. You hit lvl 99, you have done everything, your character is now useless, what’s the point?

I have noticed that in Bashiok’s post he said that hitting lvl 99 is more of a status and achievement to most players. EXACTLY! So why take it away!? We all know it leaves us no stronger than if we were lvl 70, but we still want that number up there! It’s such an insignificant number yet it’s significance IS huge (didn’t mean to make that a paradox)! Just leave it as it is! Diablo 1 had lvl 99, Diablo II had lvl 99, make Diablo III have lvl 99. Does 99/99/60 make sense to anyone besides the D3 team? This is no complaint about the design plan, but a worry for the team. They want money to be made on the game, as any game designer does. The fact is, don’t take away a perfect design. Diablo II is an example of a perfect design – people who purchased it on day one still play to this day (points at self). Purposely making lvl 60 easy to achieve will dramatically destroy the replay value of Diablo III for many of us. Yeah, we may play for a year or maybe a little more, but will it last 10 years? That’s too unlikely. If it does manage it, I can only say that it’s probably due to the support it has from Diablo II.

Make the sequel replayable. Don’t focus on it being easy – we’re not gamers because we like things to be done easy. We’re gamers because we like challenges, replay value, and addiction. To take all three of those things away defeats the purpose to a game. Honestly, Blizzard must think of their mistake before it’s complete and ready for beta…Or else they’re screwing themselves over.

4 Responses to “1st Argument: Lvl 60 cap”

  1. WxsOnline Says:

    Diablo’s level cap was 50 not 99, and you reached maximum stats before level 50, making the extra levels literally useless. In addition, the 10 Diablo games could be made with a level 99 cap, but that would not mean that level 99 was in any way what made a Diablo game. The vast majority of Diablo II players didn’t bother with the extra levels, but did the grind anyways because of the small chance to get a drop.

    • Only 50? Are you sure? I remember getting past that on B.net back in the day…I remember seeing players at those levels all the time too. Of course, the sign of a level 100 was a sign of a hacker or what not. I didn’t think it was 50… Then again, I haven’t played up to even that level in a long time (the last time I played Diablo 1, I only beat normal and then stopped playing for story purposes).

      All of my friends from D2 were always all over getting to the top of the ladder, which meant lvl 99…And plus with the huge amount of bots doing “runs” to level characters up as high as possible, I see it as being a main concentration …With item hoarding being the top priority for all players.

  2. Yaniv Says:


    I would like to talk to you regarding Diablo and Blizzard.

    Can you please contact me by email?

    Best regards,

  3. Since it’s Blizzard we’re talking about, it’s a 99% given that they will increase the level cap with expansions to come.

    Cheers 🙂

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