Goodbye Everyone.

I have officially sold my entire Diablo collection to a good friend. I am making a move and wanted to be 100% sure I would have extra money to keep on my feet after moving. I will not say the price I sold the entire collection for, as I’ll leave that to him if he wants to tell all of you. All I have to say is that it’s an amount we were both pleased with and it will also help me with my move.

But don’t be discouraged into thinking this is the last of this blog! After my friend has received the collection, which may be a week…Maybe 2, I am going to hand over this blog to him to take over. He will continue to collect Diablo Merchandise, post about it, and keep this blog alive as I did…Maybe even more alive xD

I thank everyone for their comments and interest in this blog. I never thought I would hit a total view count of 4,629 (at the time of this post). I originally thought it’d just be another creation of mine that wouldn’t become knowledgeable to more than a few hundred people. I am quite proud to see its popularity, even if it’s mild compared to tons of other sites.

Perhaps my friend will make this blog much more popular, boost its numbers, and become well known to the public. I am not disappointed in losing my collection, as I know it’s being kept in good hands and someone who is a very avid Blizzard collector. No worries, I told him to make sure this blog remains Diablo-only >;P

Now, to end this post. You’ll probably still see me commenting once in awhile…Assuming I can pass over this blog to another account name rather than K73SK. We’ll see what happens.

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