Hello Everyone.

First i would like to thank K73SK for making such a great collection and then selling it to me.

Just to let you guys (and girls?:O) know is that I’m not a native English speaker so if you see some error in my grammar I apologize for that, but spelling control helps a lot. As some of you might have noticed is that the name of the person who posted all the posts has changed and that’s because when you change the name you want to show all the post you have made prior to that also change.

My plans for the future of this site are to expand on what K73SK has started. I have a few items in my possession that he didn’t have so I’ll be posting those soon™. And of course I’ll keep on collecting all that I can find related to the Diablo universe and all the merchandise that comes along with that, and now that the beta is drawing near blizzard is going to start pumping out all kind of stuff.

I still want all the things that K73SK posted in the Helping Hands series so if you have it, know someone who has it or see it on eBay just send me a mail and we will work things out.

My mail address is: mydiablocollection@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy what I’m going to do with the site.

2 Responses to “Hello Everyone.”

  1. Good luck! I hope you will make the collection more complete and big through the years to come! 🙂

    I will be very happy if you can upload pictures of all Diablo game boxes versions that came out with the content of the boxes (manuals, cards, etc.) so I will know (as a Blizzard collector myself) which version came out of Diablo through the years and maybe we can compare and see what we are missing…

    Again, good luck and thank you for this great web site!

    • Thank you.

      I will do my best to post as much stuff as possible but i wont open sealed boxes. But the original D2 boxes will come along shortly and when i have posted everything i will make a picture of my whole collection, but there are still some items that are on its way to me.
      So when i go and do that i will get all the stuff out of the boxes for the pictures.

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