Verified: #40: German magazine.

This is a magazine I found on eBay and didn’t even know existed till then, so I just ordered it. It’s mostly about Diablo 2 but there is also a mention of Diablo 1, Warcraft 2 and Starcraft in the magazine.

And as you can see there is also a DVD inside and there was some surprising video on. At first I thought it was only the cinematics of Diablo 2 but then I found a 2end audio channel with the creators commentary on it.

German Magazine

For those of you that are interested in watching the DVD as well here are some links.

The files were removed from the server I had them on!

After you have downloaded them all you have to extract them with 7z.

After that you have 2 options, either extract the file again to get the normal DVD files or mount the image and read it with a program like deamon tools.
If you are not a experienced user with mounting images i suggest you just extract it twice.

3 Responses to “Verified: #40: German magazine.”

  1. Nice item!!! congrats!

  2. fmulder Says:

    Thanks for posting the DVD and good luck with your collection.

    • Thank you, and i just figured out that the DVD that is in that magazine is the same as the one thats found in the D2 collectors edition, so a fun fact for everyone:)

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