Verified: #41: Diablo 3 sideshow overthrown statue.

Let’s get out one of the big guns now. As some of you might know there are 2 versions of this statue, I have the common one. There were 750 of these made and I have number 56.

Of the other statue there are only 400 in circulation and there are 2 differences as far as I know. The first is that the alternate display (the bottom bit) and the second is that you have a interchangeable helmeted head.

Normally I keep everything in their original box but this statue is so awesome that I took it out of the box and put it in my living room.

I’m still looking for the statue with the helmed, but all that I can find is people that ask way too much for it. So if you have it and want to sell it, or know someone who has it and wants to sell it just send me a email to

3 Responses to “Verified: #41: Diablo 3 sideshow overthrown statue.”

  1. Steve Labrecque Says:

    Are you interested to buy some unique stuff of Diablo? I have a full size Diablo 2 display to sell. I can send you picture if you wish. I have some poster too.
    Do you speak french?

    • I’m very interested in the display, and in the posters as well, as long as i dont have them already.
      I’m dutch and my french isnt that great, sry.
      If you can send me a picture to my email adres if you like, and we can take it further from there.

  2. hi!i also need one of the sideshow diablo 3 overthrown barbarian statues!!
    please when you have one that you sell to a normal price please send me an email to :

    best regards bernhard

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