Verified: #43: The Final Stand poster.

Yet another poster for the immense collection of posters I have building up here, and there is still 1 more to come as well.

I noticed that there was a post made that this poster was for sale in the blizzard store, it’s sold out already for those of you who are wondering, but then it wasn’t posted in the blog so here it is.

It’s a poster named “Final Stand” and it is drawn by Keith Parkinson. They are all signed and numbered by the artist himself.

I actually have 2 of these posters, numbers 1531 and 1535 of 1850. That’s because I had one myself and then bought K73SK entire collection which had one of them as well.

PS: I know that the quality of the photos is below average but I’ll correct that when i get a new camera.

3 Responses to “Verified: #43: The Final Stand poster.”

  1. Would you be willing to sell 1 of the posters? Iv just recently started collecting diablo stuff myself, but missed out on 1 of these. If so, my email is ****

  2. I have one those but I’ve yet to get it mounted. I have the ‘And The Heavens Shall Tremble’ frame above my desk. I was going to get a really ornate frame for the one you’ve got here, but sure yet. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Hex Eck Says:

    hey i was wondering actually. I got to go to blizzard and bought this same poster. I got the original d2 and d3 team to sign it too. well upper management atleased and i have no idea what its worth

    if anyone knows or can tell me my facebook is ack master send me a message. if i was to ever sell it atleased

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