Verified: #48: For your viewing pleasure.

Today I dicided to place 2 posters just because I can. These are old skool posters as you can see.

One of these is from Diablo 1 with on the backside most of the information you are going to need when you play the game. This one is from a german gaming magazine (I’m not sure from which year this is).

And the other poster is a Diablo 2 poster with the original games box art on it.

PS: For those of you who have a virtual blizzcon ticket, now is the time to go to the US battle net store to buy all the things you can get at the blizzcon.

4 Responses to “Verified: #48: For your viewing pleasure.”

  1. Moritz Jacob Says:

    What is on the backside of the Diablo 2 poster?

  2. I have been searching every where for a Diablo 1 poster. Where did you find this?

    • I found this poster on the German version of ebay, and it comes from the german gaming magazine PC action. Cant tell you which year or number.

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