Verified: #49: The original.

I know that it is long overdue but here it is, the original game.

The first time I played Diablo 1 was way back in the day where the PC of my parents had 166Mhz(those were the days). I know running the first levels of the cathedral many many time just to get my spells on a higher lvl, managed to get to lvl 16 on the first 4 levels of the cathedral. And that’s about all I remember from it.

Tried to play it again about a year ago but it was a real pain, only did a few levels before I started Diablo 2 up again.

As you can see I have the original game in 2 versions, the old one and the one it came out with and the bestseller package. Of course I have the PS1 version of the game as well, although I never played it on the PS1. And I have the hellfire expansion, which is not an official Blizzard game but a Sierra game. And this game is nowhere to be found on any of their websites nor is its story used in any of the following Diablo games.

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