Verified: #53: And tremble they did.

This is my 3th and last signed poster, but the Blizzcon came around and released a new one. This is 1 of only 80/100 produced, not sure which number is correct. This poster was given out during the 2008 Blizzcon when you found a special item in the Diablo 3 demo.

As you can see I haven’t put it in a frame yet, that is because the frame I have is 2mm too small to fit the poster in, so I’ll post a new picture once I get a new frame.

5 Responses to “Verified: #53: And tremble they did.”

  1. Glad to see you’re still collecting (K7 here). 🙂 Definitely has gotten nice now, hasn’t it. 😛

  2. Is this the official Blizzcon poster for 2008? I’m asking casue I’m trying to track down one for that year and since I didn’t make it to that one I’m not sure if they had a so called key art poster or not or if this is it. If you know and could let me know I would be most grateful thanks.

    • Yes this is the official 2008 Blizzcon signed poster. I wish you the best of luck tracking one down, took me half a year to do so.

      • Thanks it’s not going to be easy. Well if you ever find yourself thinking of selling it let me know I’d be interested :).

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