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Verified: #66: IKnow.

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This is the IPhone 4 casing that was sold at the Blizzcon of 2011. It shows the new art that Diablo received.
I myself don’t have any Apple products nor am I going to buy any of that overpriced stuff, but if it has Diablo on it I just have to have it.

A new blog started with someone collection all Warcraft 3 related items. So here is a link

Verified: #65: Afraid of the dark.

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This is the Diablo Nightlight that was for sale on last year’s Blizzcon. In my head I can just imagine a child having trouble sleeping at night without a light and the you place this in the room, that would totally freak them out.
For those of you who want to buy it Ebay is probably the best option, or maybe next year’s Blizzcon.

Verified: #64: Beta cards.

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Some more cards. Just like the Diablo 2 set it has all the heroes on the card and the Skeleton King, which is the last boss in the beta(as most of you know).
I have no idea where these were given out (maybe during the Blizzcon), all I do know is that it is in 2011 because that’s what the cards say. So if you know where these were given out just let me know in the comments.

Verified: #63: It’s complete!

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Yes, I finally completed my series of signed Blizzcon posters. This 2011 Blizzcon poster shows Azmodan, the Lord of Sin.
They were given out to people who found a special item in the PVE demo and to some top killers of the PVP demo late on Saturday.
I have no idea on how many of these were given out.

Verified: #62: WoW pet.

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This is the non-combat WoW pet Deathy you could get if you were at the Blizzcon of 2010 or had the virtual ticket of that year. But then the statue of it that was released on the Blizzcon of 2011.
There is a great story behind this item. When I first got the whole shipment of the 2011 Blizzcon everything was in good condition except this item. So I send them a message and they send a new one because the spikes on his back were all broken. A week and a half later I got the new Deathy but he had the same problem. So another message later and some pictures they send me my 3th Deathy who was intact.
I have to compliment Blizzard that they send those replacements without any question on whining.

Updates incoming.

Posted in Main News on January 2, 2012 by EvilMe

Sorry for the lack of updates these last 2 weeks but you know how it is with family in the holiday season.

Coming sunday i will make it up to you with 2 updates, one of them is a big one.