Verified: #76: A book.

This is a book that i had in my possession for a long time but never posted it. This Diablo Archive is a collection of 4 different novels. The novels are: LEGACY OF BLOOD, THE BLACK ROAD, THE KINGDOM OF SHADOW and DEMONSBANE. And of course its still for sale on the Blizzard site, click here. And there is a small description of all the books on the Blizzard store as well.

And I’m finally in the Diablo beta, all I can tell you is that you sleep a lot less when you get into the beta.

And 36 days remaining.

One Response to “Verified: #76: A book.”

  1. Gliese Games Says:

    Did you get an e-mail on it or something? I tried it out (open beta)… Was severely disappointed as I had anticipated I would be. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, though. It seems many people did. But the game was too easy for me and didn’t feel like an actual Diablo game to me, unfortunately. And don’t get me started on the lack of story-feel to it 😦

    Gah, wordpress won’t let me sign in… (this is K73SK)

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