Verified: #81: About time!

It has been a long time since I last posted, almost 2 months now. At the moment I have 3 chars on lvl 60, those are the WD, DH and Wizard. And I’m busy lvling my barb, he is on lvl 40 at the moment.

As for what I think of the game is that the game mechanics are really really good. But I think the endgame is lacking but that is what Blizzard stated themselves as well. And the AH is making the biggest part of the game, the item hunt, a bit obsolete. What I mean by that is all you have to do is grind money and buy stuff from the AH, because the changes that you find that 1 item yourself is really low. But after all is said and done it’s a really fun game to play.

And I finally got myself a new camera so the quality of the pictures should be a bit higher now, also will be replacing all the old pictures if I find the time to make new ones.

Let’s begin with the first item I will be posting now. The Collectors Edition!

Of course I went to the midnight launch here in the Netherlands and I was there even before they put up the fences in front of the store. So I was one of the first in the store when it opened at midnight and got myself a CE there. After that I went home(a 2 hour drive) and played the game for about 10 hours. After that I took the car out again to go to a gameshop where I got Lead Technical Artist Julian Love and Senior World Designer Leonard Boyarsky to sign the box that I bought earlier that day. Also had them sign my Book of Cain(pictures will come later). But that was also 3 hours before I got home again.

And the day after the launch the CE I preordered came in the mail so I still have a sealed D3 CE.

9 Responses to “Verified: #81: About time!”

  1. Mathias Sandberg Says:

    Hey man ! you have an AMAZING collection !! i collect diablo stuff my self but i have a much smaller collection then you 😛 right now im loking for a copy of diablo 1 in the original box (the big box) and hellfire.. its very hard to find in sweden ( i dont have a lot of money, so shiping from other countries is a bit too expensive for me 😦 ) i wounder if you could show me some photos of how you showoff your collection at home, i cant find the right word for it in english if sorry! 🙂 but… do you show off everything on a shelf ?

    best regards / a fan 😀

    • Hey. I do get most of my stuff from ebay so there is a lot of shipping costs involved there, but its worth it. At the moment I’m looking for a big display case(a glass one with a mirror in the back) but haven’t been able to find any that i like. So at the momemt its just some framed posters on the wall, the rest is in boxes untill i find a display case.

      • Mathias Sandberg Says:

        Thank you for your answer. you can consider to build a shelf your self if you have the time ofc 🙂 i display my stuff in a ikea shelf but i have added red led lights. could you scan an signed poster and email it to me would be really happy 🙂

      • Sorry but I wont scan my signed posters. I have them nicely protected inside a frame and scanning them could damage them and I dont want to risk it.
        I could try and make one myself or get someone to custom make it for me. But still have to think about that.

  2. I recently found a diablo 2 diablo action figure in box with signatures including david brevik’s. I don’t know the full story behind the item, i’m not sure when or where it was signed, only that it came from a video-game designer who worked for companies other than blizzard who was a big fan of blizzard. It was likely signed at a blizzcon or E3. I’m trying to figure out what it might be worth but as you might guess they don’t show up around the internet anywhere and neither do similar items from the same era with the same signatures on them. I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light on it’s worth, I could photograph it and attach/send you a pic if necessary.

    Thanks for your time

    • I honestly have no idea what its actual worth would be. If i would take a guess it would be 150-200 minimum, this is a first for me as well hearing from an old item like this with signatures. A photo of the item would be nice (just so i can see what it looks like). You can mail it to:

  3. Hi!
    No updates for long time 😦
    Have you given up?

    • I know 😦
      But it became a bit to expensive to buy all the thinks that are for sale. So I only buy rare stuff if I come across it.

      My hope for the new year is that I can continue this site, but who knows.

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