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Is this it?

Posted in Main News with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on May 13, 2012 by EvilMe

In this fine post I’ll show you what I have collected so far.

But before that a small news message: Now that the game will be coming out I probably will spent all my time in the game so there is a big chance that I won’t be updating it for a few weeks.

I split my collection up in 2 parts because it wouldn’t all fit in 1 picture, also I didn’t include any of the fan art or any clothing because those are still inside the plastic.

Let us start with all the artwork, this means poster like materials.

And after that we have all the other merchandise, goodies and magazines that Diablo appeared in.

With only a little less than 36 hours remaining for the launch here I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. Lucky for me I have the week off of work. For all of you who live in the Netherlands I’ll be going to the midnight launch in Rotterdam. I will be wearing this T-Shirt.

I wish all of the fans a good hunting!


Posted in Main News on March 19, 2012 by EvilMe

I kinda forgot to post an update yesterday, was busy trying to repair a crashed server:(

And I’m not in a position to maken the update now because I’m away from home for work. So next sunday I will make 2 posts.

And YEAH for the 15th of may release date.

Updates incoming.

Posted in Main News on January 2, 2012 by EvilMe

Sorry for the lack of updates these last 2 weeks but you know how it is with family in the holiday season.

Coming sunday i will make it up to you with 2 updates, one of them is a big one.

Hello Everyone.

Posted in Main News on July 9, 2011 by EvilMe

First i would like to thank K73SK for making such a great collection and then selling it to me.

Just to let you guys (and girls?:O) know is that I’m not a native English speaker so if you see some error in my grammar I apologize for that, but spelling control helps a lot. As some of you might have noticed is that the name of the person who posted all the posts has changed and that’s because when you change the name you want to show all the post you have made prior to that also change.

My plans for the future of this site are to expand on what K73SK has started. I have a few items in my possession that he didn’t have so I’ll be posting those soon™. And of course I’ll keep on collecting all that I can find related to the Diablo universe and all the merchandise that comes along with that, and now that the beta is drawing near blizzard is going to start pumping out all kind of stuff.

I still want all the things that K73SK posted in the Helping Hands series so if you have it, know someone who has it or see it on eBay just send me a mail and we will work things out.

My mail address is:

I hope you enjoy what I’m going to do with the site.

Goodbye Everyone.

Posted in Main News on June 9, 2011 by EvilMe

I have officially sold my entire Diablo collection to a good friend. I am making a move and wanted to be 100% sure I would have extra money to keep on my feet after moving. I will not say the price I sold the entire collection for, as I’ll leave that to him if he wants to tell all of you. All I have to say is that it’s an amount we were both pleased with and it will also help me with my move.

But don’t be discouraged into thinking this is the last of this blog! After my friend has received the collection, which may be a week…Maybe 2, I am going to hand over this blog to him to take over. He will continue to collect Diablo Merchandise, post about it, and keep this blog alive as I did…Maybe even more alive xD

I thank everyone for their comments and interest in this blog. I never thought I would hit a total view count of 4,629 (at the time of this post). I originally thought it’d just be another creation of mine that wouldn’t become knowledgeable to more than a few hundred people. I am quite proud to see its popularity, even if it’s mild compared to tons of other sites.

Perhaps my friend will make this blog much more popular, boost its numbers, and become well known to the public. I am not disappointed in losing my collection, as I know it’s being kept in good hands and someone who is a very avid Blizzard collector. No worries, I told him to make sure this blog remains Diablo-only >;P

Now, to end this post. You’ll probably still see me commenting once in awhile…Assuming I can pass over this blog to another account name rather than K73SK. We’ll see what happens.

Where did the collector run off to?

Posted in Main News on February 4, 2011 by EvilMe

Well, to admit it, I’ve been waiting for an item in the mail since Jan. 11th and have yet to receive it to show it off as part of my collection…And to admit it – it’s the last of my collection that I have. Of course, my friend just mailed off a couple of things to me so I should be getting those soon too. So when the time comes, I’ll post up the last 3 things I’ll have in my collection. After those 3, you’ll all have to wait a while. My budget for this month is lower than normal (not because I’m making less, but because I’m saving more), so I won’t be getting too many things this time around. After I get the last 3 items, I’ll also take a picture of my entire collection for all of you. Until then, you must wait for another post. Sorry for not posting anything newer sooner, either!

To clear things up….

Posted in Main News on January 2, 2011 by EvilMe

I noticed a few situations where people were confused about what’s really made by blizzard or from blizzard and such. The artwork for my things were all from Blizzard, yes, but not all of it were really “made” by them. Out of my collection, two of the items (not including the magazines, if they’re not) were not planned by Blizzard for creation, which is why I am going to add a new tag for everything.t

When you see “Verified” on an item, that represents that it’s not something that a fan made for fun…For example, those collectors cards. The company who made them got permission from Blizzard to use their artwork on the cards, but they were not actually made or planned by Blizzard themselves. For items that I’m not sure of, I will still put unverified. Here’s what I’m talking about:


For items created by Blizzard themselves.

For items asked to be created by Blizzard (e.g. JINX t-shirts, Steelseries mousepads) or sold on their online store.

Magazines that have Diablo on their front cover.

Other stuff similar to the above.



Items created by fans that are just really cool.

Items that I have yet to verify if they’re created by Blizzard or asked to be created by Blizzard.


If you’re reading this like right after I put the update, give me time to fix the old posts.