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Is this it?

Posted in Main News with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on May 13, 2012 by EvilMe

In this fine post I’ll show you what I have collected so far.

But before that a small news message: Now that the game will be coming out I probably will spent all my time in the game so there is a big chance that I won’t be updating it for a few weeks.

I split my collection up in 2 parts because it wouldn’t all fit in 1 picture, also I didn’t include any of the fan art or any clothing because those are still inside the plastic.

Let us start with all the artwork, this means poster like materials.

And after that we have all the other merchandise, goodies and magazines that Diablo appeared in.

With only a little less than 36 hours remaining for the launch here I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. Lucky for me I have the week off of work. For all of you who live in the Netherlands I’ll be going to the midnight launch in Rotterdam. I will be wearing this T-Shirt.

I wish all of the fans a good hunting!

Verified: #53: And tremble they did.

Posted in Collection news! with tags , , , , , on October 23, 2011 by EvilMe

This is my 3th and last signed poster, but the Blizzcon came around and released a new one. This is 1 of only 80/100 produced, not sure which number is correct. This poster was given out during the 2008 Blizzcon when you found a special item in the Diablo 3 demo.

As you can see I haven’t put it in a frame yet, that is because the frame I have is 2mm too small to fit the poster in, so I’ll post a new picture once I get a new frame.

Verified: #07: Diablo Coaster

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So, I have this neat coaster I got off some guy from eBay. He sold this one and three other ones for a total of like $5 (free shipping, I believe). All I know is that this was at one of the Blizzcons and handed to most of the people who attended. Even though it’s *wasn’t* rare, I haven’t seen it put up on eBay ever again from anyone. My guess is that 99% of the people threw them out or already used them…or something like that. This one is in 100% perfect condition, there’s not even a slight rip on it whatsoever. So yeah, it’s pretty cool.