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Verified: #81: About time!

Posted in Collection news! with tags , , , , , , on July 8, 2012 by EvilMe

It has been a long time since I last posted, almost 2 months now. At the moment I have 3 chars on lvl 60, those are the WD, DH and Wizard. And I’m busy lvling my barb, he is on lvl 40 at the moment.

As for what I think of the game is that the game mechanics are really really good. But I think the endgame is lacking but that is what Blizzard stated themselves as well. And the AH is making the biggest part of the game, the item hunt, a bit obsolete. What I mean by that is all you have to do is grind money and buy stuff from the AH, because the changes that you find that 1 item yourself is really low. But after all is said and done it’s a really fun game to play.

And I finally got myself a new camera so the quality of the pictures should be a bit higher now, also will be replacing all the old pictures if I find the time to make new ones.

Let’s begin with the first item I will be posting now. The Collectors Edition!

Of course I went to the midnight launch here in the Netherlands and I was there even before they put up the fences in front of the store. So I was one of the first in the store when it opened at midnight and got myself a CE there. After that I went home(a 2 hour drive) and played the game for about 10 hours. After that I took the car out again to go to a gameshop where I got Lead Technical Artist Julian Love and Senior World Designer Leonard Boyarsky to sign the box that I bought earlier that day. Also had them sign my Book of Cain(pictures will come later). But that was also 3 hours before I got home again.

And the day after the launch the CE I preordered came in the mail so I still have a sealed D3 CE.

Verified: #74: Book of Cain.

Posted in Collection news! with tags , , , , , , , on March 25, 2012 by EvilMe

It’s long overdue that I post this but the time has finally come. Here is the Book of Cain that was signed in Los Angeles. The signing was on the 7th of January this year. The people there to sign it were the authors: Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson, Flint Dille and one of the artists: Mark Gibbons and Matt Burns.

I wish that Blizzard would hold these kind of events in Europe sometimes, because it is really hard for us to come by all of these items.

Anyway, 50 days remaining.

Verified: #34: A monk with a sign

Posted in Collection news! with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 12, 2011 by EvilMe

A sign of signatures, that’s what. During the Blizzcon of 2009, there were some lucky players who got a unique Monk poster signed by the entire Diablo dev. team. It’s nothing near the same size of the first two posters I showed here, but it’s still nice. There are a total of three different posters that were signed by the devs.

So here’s the picture of the poster:

Once again, I didn’t want to take the picture myself as I suck with photo’s. So yeah, I got it off the original owner. And hell no I did not pay $400 for it…I think that’s ridiculous. If that were the case, I’d have the Demon Hunter poster too. Yeah, I just admitted it – I don’t have it (demon hunter poster). Because I’m not forking out $400 for it. I can wait…As it WILL become cheaper. After all, this poster was significantly cheaper than when it sold back in ’09.

Verified: #20: Diablo Book 1 – Legacy of Blood

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I actually have all eight books made for the world of Sanctuary, and yes I have read them all (how else would I know all that lore?). But I am not going to show each individual book unless they are equivalent to this one. “Oh, but what do you mean?” Well here’s what…Just check out the pictures and see for yourself!

Yup…I got the book with Richard A. Knaak’s autograph. I have also exchanged emails with him (which is actually how I got the signature in the first place) and he’s a really nice guy. Of course, it’s not possible to get him to give me a secret or two on the world of Sanctuary (probably contracts and all that good stuff)…But hey, I don’t blame him. This book is in mint condition and is currently stored in an “archival box” wrapped in archival tissue. Basically the stuff prevents this book from ever wearing out, so it doesn’t get rigged from high humidity, doesn’t somehow rip, or discolor from age, etc. I have three boxes (each able to hold two books) read to go for more books. Yup, I’m going to bug him for some more signed books in the future, lol.