Verified: #81: About time!

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It has been a long time since I last posted, almost 2 months now. At the moment I have 3 chars on lvl 60, those are the WD, DH and Wizard. And I’m busy lvling my barb, he is on lvl 40 at the moment.

As for what I think of the game is that the game mechanics are really really good. But I think the endgame is lacking but that is what Blizzard stated themselves as well. And the AH is making the biggest part of the game, the item hunt, a bit obsolete. What I mean by that is all you have to do is grind money and buy stuff from the AH, because the changes that you find that 1 item yourself is really low. But after all is said and done it’s a really fun game to play.

And I finally got myself a new camera so the quality of the pictures should be a bit higher now, also will be replacing all the old pictures if I find the time to make new ones.

Let’s begin with the first item I will be posting now. The Collectors Edition!

Of course I went to the midnight launch here in the Netherlands and I was there even before they put up the fences in front of the store. So I was one of the first in the store when it opened at midnight and got myself a CE there. After that I went home(a 2 hour drive) and played the game for about 10 hours. After that I took the car out again to go to a gameshop where I got Lead Technical Artist Julian Love and Senior World Designer Leonard Boyarsky to sign the box that I bought earlier that day. Also had them sign my Book of Cain(pictures will come later). But that was also 3 hours before I got home again.

And the day after the launch the CE I preordered came in the mail so I still have a sealed D3 CE.

Is this it?

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In this fine post I’ll show you what I have collected so far.

But before that a small news message: Now that the game will be coming out I probably will spent all my time in the game so there is a big chance that I won’t be updating it for a few weeks.

I split my collection up in 2 parts because it wouldn’t all fit in 1 picture, also I didn’t include any of the fan art or any clothing because those are still inside the plastic.

Let us start with all the artwork, this means poster like materials.

And after that we have all the other merchandise, goodies and magazines that Diablo appeared in.

With only a little less than 36 hours remaining for the launch here I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. Lucky for me I have the week off of work. For all of you who live in the Netherlands I’ll be going to the midnight launch in Rotterdam. I will be wearing this T-Shirt.

I wish all of the fans a good hunting!

Verified: #80: Finally caught them all-ish.

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It’s not the reveal character of this week because there isn’t a mousepad out on the Wizard yet, I expect this to come out soon. But instead it is the Demon Hunter. It’s a great character to play so you should all check it out in about 8 days!

And keep your eye on the update that is coming next week, it’s going to be awesome.

Helping Hands #13

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With the impending doom of the world release date fast approaching I wanted to ask the general public for some help again. Blizzards PR machine is working in overdrive now to get Diablo 3 promoted and thus it is sending out a lot of promotional material. Asked a few local stores if I could have their stuff after they didn’t need it any more but don’t think I’ll get it all that way. So if you happen to have something that you want to sell you can contact me, it doesn’t matter in which language it is, I just want to collect it.

My email:

Verified: #79: Caught another one.

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And this week it is the turn of the Witch Docter. And that is also the character that is in the spotlights this week on the reveal site.

This will be the character I’ll be starting my D3 career with, after that it will be the Wizard or the Demon Hunter, then the Barb and finally the Monk.

And only 15 days remaining!!!! I cant wait.

Verified: #78: Mousepads on the loose.

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But no worries, I’ll capture them all. The first one I captures was the Monk. He is also the main character on the reveal site right now so go and get your exclusive in-game banner sigil. This is probably my last class I will play because this is not really my playstyle.

Only 22 days remaining!

Verified: #77: Say what?

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As all of you saw when you first looked at the photo is that this is the Japanese manual of Diablo II. I browsed through it for a bit but I didn’t understand a thing, then I picked up my English copy of the manual and it went way better.